No One Is Coming To Save YOU. (Sorry)

January 31, 2016 1 Comment

No One Is Coming To Save YOU. (Sorry)


I am excited to be doing this video talking about one of my favorite paintings of all times, "The Plunge." So if you watched my previous video then you are fully aware that I intend to be doing very small videos talking a little bit more in depth about the paintings. So you have the blurb to the poems and that gives you one view. But I'm going to be sharing some deeper layers to each one of the pieces because there are many that you may not be aware of, right?

"The Plunge." Somebody already owns the original, so this is one of my Giclée reproductions. This is a canvas piece and it's stunning. If you had the original here, it would be very hard for you to delineate the difference between them. Okay, so "The Plunge," right? We all have to take this leap. A leap of faith is what you might want to consider it as. 

Here the woman is literally out on the limb. And there are always going to be circumstances that put us in a situation where it's, you know, feast or famine, man. We've got to go for it. So she's out on the limb and she's contemplating whether or not to jump in to save this child. What she doesn't know is the child is her. That is her inner child. So the obstacle is to get around the sharks. 

When I talk with people and they're looking at the painting and naturally emotions are coming up around the piece already. And then we start to talk a little more deeply. Okay, so the shark fins...because you don't really see the shark, do you? You don't see shark bodies. You see fins, right? So the fins represent fear. So anytime you have a big decision to make, there's going to be some natural fear that comes up that will look real. Because fear broken down in its acronym...and we've all heard it probably before...false-evidence-appearing-real. Fear. 

She's not seeing real sharks. Her imagination, her ego, is generating fear around saving herself. That's not really there. Okay? And that's very important to our decision making. So will she take the leap? That's the question.

Here's what I absolutely understand. And this is going to sound harsh. No one is coming to save you. I had to realize no one's coming to save me. I can project that onto a partner, a child, my job, my followers. But no one is ever going to be able to jump inside of my vessel and heal my wounds. They can only stand outside of me and support me as I do my own work. It's not happening any other way. Sorry. And I'm 46. It's taken me a long time to really get that. I am solely responsible for my life. Healing my life. And doing all the things in my life that are fulfilling for me. 

I hope that you will take the leap because we, regardless of gender, regardless of where we are geographically on the planet, this is our work. To go back in, to do that inner work, to do that inner healing, from stuff that has happened long before we were adults. The inner child is either going to drown or you're going to jump and you're going to save yourself. And I am here to support you. So let's go to work.

Let's make 2016 the year we "Heal Ourselves"

I'm in! Are You?

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With Love ~ Ras

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Totally true!

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