Healing Music




Love, Peace, & Harmony

House of Vuu
If you are looking for music that is “Authentic” and created with and from “Love,” Seven Seals is the music for you! With intentionally crafted melodic sounds that “Move” your Body, Mind, and Spirit, JahSun has formulated healing frequencies for the Soul!

A dope way to sooth the atmosphere

I follow JahSun on instagram and I'm a huge fan of his visual art. I knew that he was a musician but not on this level and neither did I have knowledge of him being a recording artist. Once i became aware i immediately went on iTunes to support his new project. Peace and blessings to JahSun and his continued success!!!

Gorgeous Album, through and through.

So much serenity in this album. Beautiful melodies and passionate playing really make for an awesome combination! Check it out!

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