We proudly offer “Payment Installments” to collectors interested in owning a FariStudios original. The process is simple and easy.
“I absolutely fell in love with "Daddy's Flower"...needed it but didn't have the full bank, so JahSun told me about his installment payment plan, which is killer! He sent me invoices I'd pay and a friend even made a payment toward my artwork for xmas... so awesome!  Easy and doable, and now I see "Daddy's Flower" every day and smile!” ~ D. Motley
Great care, attention and love goes into every piece of art created in our studio. Some are produced using mixed-media, but most are strictly created with professional grade acrylic paint. Because we understand that the purchase of original art is just a personal as creating it, we gladly support our collectors through the entire process from initial inquiry to acquisition. Please contact us with any questions. Thank you.