Fine Art Print - "Exhale Love"

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"Just because the world is full of hate and rage does not mean we do not have a choice in how we respond to it. With practice, one can inhale nearly anything, and then transmute that energy and send it back out in the form of love regardless of its original intent when sent our way. I hope this painting resonates! More importantly, I pray it serves as a reminder that there is ALWAYS a choice. This is after all that we are doing as lightworkers, right? Learning how to walk in our personal power as the loving beings we truly are, creating the world we deeply desire. All we wish for travel on the current of love so we must be that too. I will not front like I have it all figured out, however, my Soul knows this way of behaving is "The Truth".

About Our Fine Art Prints:

The French word "Giclee" means "sprayed ink". Due to their impeccable quality, Giclees are recognized as the highest level of art reproduction in the art industry today. Not only do they look fantastic (hard to tell a Giclee from an Original), they are financial investments that have the potential to increase in value over time. And while they look just like an original, the price is a "fraction" of the cost.


    • Lush vivid colors
    • Printed on medium-weight, luster paper
    • Excellent sharpness
    • 1" border
    • Ships flat (16" x 20"), larger sizes in protective tube - worldwide

    We proudly offer three (3) standard sizes for both styles of Fine Art Prints. 

    Ships worldwide. Please allow up to 1-2 weeks of time to prepare to ship, they print on demand. It's important that your art gets to you in the best shape.

    Thank you for shopping with me. I'm so grateful for your support!

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