15 Reasons Why You Want To HIRE Us To Paint Your Next Mural

May 08, 2015 1 Comment

"Jah'Sun took an otherwise blank wall and made it tell a story! My patients and their parents are constantly commenting on how they love all three of our murals! His professionalism, attention to detail, and pure talent shine in his work!"
Dr. Jennifer Patterson, Charleston Smiles
Ever start a book by reading the ending first? Well, above is the END (or what we call the "icing") of a magical mural story.
Now you know the final outcome, read on to learn how all of this came about.
So we've had the great privilege to work with Charleston Smiles (one of our FAVORITE corporate clients), creating beautiful interior murals to enhance their newly built dental office. We remember when we received the initial email of inquiry from Dr. Jennifer Patterson last year. She happened to see one of our exterior murals around town + wanted a vibrant, whimsical interior mural for own space.
One that matched the personality of her staff + client base. We also remember our response, "We can handle that for you!" A meeting was set up at the site. The walk-thru was great (full of laughs).
We met the entire staff, + recorded all nuggets uncovered during the conversation, in our notepad. That's just one of the benefits of working with a professional -
great listening skills.
In short time, Dr. Patterson had quote in hand. Once approved...concept design began. Shortly thereafter, our idea was presented. It outlined the project happening in three waves, perfect for my client's budget + hectic schedule.
Now for the fun part - bringing the vision to life!!
Each mural was painted over the weekend when the office was closed, causing no interruption in their daily operations. Come Monday morning, they had a BOLD, amazing mural waiting for them. Besides the mural left behind to greet them, there was no trace we were ever there.
The first of the three locations where we worked our magic was their "Kid's Area":
    Second space, their "Treatment Room" -- now know as the "Fairy Room":    
Third canvas their "Education Nook":
(We free-hand all of our work. No tracing or projectors used.)
Why you'd NEVER regret hiring us to paint your interior / exterior mural:
- I offer fair pricing
- I work hard
- I never miss a deadline (ever)
- I'm creative - Highly professional
- Extremely responsible
- I treat the space like it were my own and protect it
- I'm easy to work with
- I'm independent -- no hand holding required
- I'm honest - I'm trustworthy - I'm a man of integrity - I'm a conscious, ethical business owner
- I'm full of FUN ideas!
- Available to travel (anywhere)
- I bring all the art supplies needed
- In many cases, you're able to write-off my services (as a business expense)
- I want the very best for your life and I'm vested in your success
- You will LOVE what we dream up together
Have a great spot + idea for a mural but haven't a clue how to pull it off? We Do!
Reach us + let's discover how we can work together!
Directly at: ------ faristudiosart@gmail.com
PS...looking for a gentle, compassionate, talented dentist for you + your family? I recommend Charleston Smiles - http://jenniferpattersondmd.com/

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May 09, 2015

Hey! I did leave a voice mail message before Pat and I left for the UK. I don’t know if you got it or not. But we are here getting things sorted and enjoying our retirement.

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